I just Googled ‘RainyDayRamblings’ and as it turns out someone registered rainydayramblings.com, and it isn’t me!  I knew I should have registered that domain when I started this blog, but alas it is too late now.  What is even more of a bummer is that the site is a blog and the blog has and astronomically greater number of followers and more hits than I do here.  I doubt it’s because of the domain name though.  It just makes me sad that someone took my blog title and made it more successful than I have.  My first blog was called Rainy Day Ramblings and it was started in 2007 over on Blogger.  If you haven’t been over there it is pretty interesting stuff that I wrote prior to my bipolar diagnosis the beginning of 2009.  The URL is rainydayrants.blogspot.com


~ by falloutmommy on December 3, 2012.

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