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I’m losing my mind… for real this time.

I know I often say that I am losing my mind or going crazy or whatever when I am not feeling well or am stressed.  But lately I have literally been losing my mind.  My cognitive function is HORRIBLE lately.  My pdoc switched me off my Zoloft and on to wellbutrin SR because she was concerned that the Zoloft wasn’t treating my depression effectively.  I messed the switch up a little bit because I started tapering off the Zoloft but didn’t start the wellbutrin for a week later after I felt like crap and realized that I was supposed to up the wellbutrin as I was downing the Zoloft. Continue reading I’m losing my mind… for real this time.

AFK For Too Long

I have been doing not so well with the regular blogging. So here’s an update.

My sleep schedule is messed up. For whatever reason Monday night I could NOT sleep. Was tossing and turning and flitting in and out of sleep until 3 a.m. before I finally said “ENOUGH!” and got up. Went into the kitchen, ate a popsicle (I think?) and sat in my recliner. Next thing I remember is David waking me up at like 7:30 a.m. and being like “Are you ok?” I could NOT wake up, my brain was so foggy, my eyes were open I was “awake” physically, but my brain wasn’t functional. So I am sitting there and my phone is on the table next to me. (At this point David had already left) And I was like “why is my phone here? I KNOW I put it on the charger last night” So I call David, “Did I put your phone of my charger last night?”  “Nope” he said.  “Ok, so..I remember putting A phone on my charger, but my phone is sitting on the table.” I said.  He says, “I put it next to you so I could call you in a few minutes to make sure you were awake.  I told you when I set it next to you.”    …YEAH… I didn’t remember that at all. Continue reading AFK For Too Long

Is it really just psychosomatic?

My husband worries about me and calls me a hypochondriac because I will take the symptoms that I have and use a symptom checker (Web MD has a great one) and then I will be like….”well…It could be this (maybe hay fever or depression-duh!) or I could have THIS which is probably what it is (Multiple Sclerosis!!!)” (coz I’m a dramatist) No, seriously. that is what it came up with. Now, in all seriousness I know that I don’t have multiple sclerosis, but other possible options were hypothyroidism, etc. Which is totally believable even though I had all my blood work done 6 months ago (including thyroid test) because we were ruling out just that possibility. Continue reading Is it really just psychosomatic?