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Sixth Sense?

I forgot I had started this post a few months ago.  It’s very interesting and does somewhat describe me.  I don’t have a lot of friends tho because I tend to only allow transient friendships.

Feeling is your sixth sense. Called clairsentient (clear feeling), your inner voice is one that touches on your empathetic nature. What does this mean? Well, you’re probably the most emotional of your friends and you are very in touch with the feelings of others. As a clairsentient, you often know something is wrong because you experience an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach (or the opposite for good things). It might be that your friend has had a bad day–but hasn’t told anyone–and somehow you just know what’s going on. Often this type of intuitive knowledge cannot be explained. We bet you’ve got a bunch of friends, and who wouldn’t want a friend that just knows without being told…especially on those bad days.