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AFK For Too Long

I have been doing not so well with the regular blogging. So here’s an update.

My sleep schedule is messed up. For whatever reason Monday night I could NOT sleep. Was tossing and turning and flitting in and out of sleep until 3 a.m. before I finally said “ENOUGH!” and got up. Went into the kitchen, ate a popsicle (I think?) and sat in my recliner. Next thing I remember is David waking me up at like 7:30 a.m. and being like “Are you ok?” I could NOT wake up, my brain was so foggy, my eyes were open I was “awake” physically, but my brain wasn’t functional. So I am sitting there and my phone is on the table next to me. (At this point David had already left) And I was like “why is my phone here? I KNOW I put it on the charger last night” So I call David, “Did I put your phone of my charger last night?”  “Nope” he said.  “Ok, so..I remember putting A phone on my charger, but my phone is sitting on the table.” I said.  He says, “I put it next to you so I could call you in a few minutes to make sure you were awake.  I told you when I set it next to you.”    …YEAH… I didn’t remember that at all. Continue reading AFK For Too Long