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Online Blogs Are Lame.

I am kind of upset right now.  I took all this time to make my own font.  This is my handwriting.  But then when I go on WordPress, Blogger, LJ… They don’t give you the OPTION to change your font.  Or if it does (blogger) the fonts are the boring Times New Roman, Arial, etc. That have zero personality and quite honestly sometimes make me crazy.  I like to customize.  I feel more comfortable writing how I want to.  What’s the point in spilling my guts to the general public if Continue reading Online Blogs Are Lame.

What the HELL was I thinking? O, right. I wasn’t thinking.

I had a terrible terrible terrible day yesterday.  I didn’t sleep Tuesday night.  I had planned to sleep yesterday while Angelina was at school. Only problem – I got a phone call at 9:30 that she was scratching and couldn’t stop, and she tells me she has a cough and needs to go to the dr.  So, I got in the shower, planning to take her cream to the school and put it on her.  Got a call from David while I was in the shower.  Ang’s teacher had called and said that she thought Angelina was just trying to get out of doing her work.  David’s opinion is that I not go get Ang and take her out of school.  So, I went to the school with the cream.  She didn’t want it.  I told her I wasn’t taking her home and that there wasn’t anything more that I could do for her at home but to put the cream on her.  So, she said ok. Took one little dot and put it on one of her knuckles and said she was ok. Continue reading What the HELL was I thinking? O, right. I wasn’t thinking.