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Merry Christmas, Genuinely

The last three blog posts were quite negative.  Why is it that I always focus on the negative.

What I really came here to say is this: Merry Christmas!  I have had some good Christmases and this year will be wonderful.  I am hopeful.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

Edit:  Christmas was fairly uneventful.  Ending up staying at David’s parents Christmas Eve into Christmas Day.  Watched a lot of movies, slept on and off through the evening.  Had the wonderful breakfast David’s dad prepares every year. Opened presents, got a cool couple of things (like a digital photo frame that I have wanted since they came out a couple yrs ago)  David got a small air compressor which he has been wanting for a while but couldn’t justify the expense.  Angelina got a lot of dance stuff (tights, leotards, tap shoes, ballet slippers, and dance lessons!) a marshmallow maker (think Peeps) and a Booboo! Bear that sneezes and stuff.  Then after all was done she says, I didn’t get very much stuff. Humph!   I went home to shower a couple hours after we had done presents, and brought back the gifts from my mom and her partner, and also the two gifts that “Santa” (my mom) had sent her over the internet through fedex.   This kid threw a big fit at 11:30 am because she didn’tget enough stuff even tho she had a pile of stuff.  She opened Santa’s gifts at around 3:30… Changed her entire day.  Santa really listened and brought her what she had asked him for.  Exactly.  She got a stuffed dog and a stuffed rabbit.  That was the highlight of her day.  And they have gone everywhere with her since then.


Ahhh, Christmas Time! I hope you die. The 2000’s

The 2000’s

Christmas 2000 – 16 years old: I ended up staying with mom.  I was in school, I had a job, I had 3 failed semi-relationships in the year that I lived in FL, and was currently in a super secret relationship with a GIRL!  Well, super secret from her mom at least… everyone else knew.  So, Christmas… Continue reading Ahhh, Christmas Time! I hope you die. The 2000’s

Ahhh, Christmas Time! I hope you die. The 90’s

Ok, as promised, here is the very scary Jessica’s Christmas Carol.

Ah, yes… Christmases past:

These are the Christmases where something other than the norm happened (stepmom getting trashed at one of her various family member’s house)

The ’90’s

Christmas 1992 – 8 years old: I discovered there was no Santa.  I’m not exactly sure what was going on because back then I was so traumatized by the fact that there was no Santa to remember if she was drunk or not.  But, regardless, I was awoken in the night by a bump in the living room (which was right thru my very thin bedroom wall) so I sneaked to the door to look around the corner…and there is my dad’s GF (later to be stepmom) putting stuff under the tree with a cigarette in her mouth.  I went back to bed. Continue reading Ahhh, Christmas Time! I hope you die. The 90’s