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Online Blogs Are Lame.

I am kind of upset right now.  I took all this time to make my own font.  This is my handwriting.  But then when I go on WordPress, Blogger, LJ… They don’t give you the OPTION to change your font.  Or if it does (blogger) the fonts are the boring Times New Roman, Arial, etc. That have zero personality and quite honestly sometimes make me crazy.  I like to customize.  I feel more comfortable writing how I want to.  What’s the point in spilling my guts to the general public if Continue reading Online Blogs Are Lame.

I am expanding.

I have started many different blogs, most with the same content, but have lost some of the people that occasionally pass through and garner something from my musings, even if it is 5 minutes they will never get back.

So, to avoid anyone missing out, I am now using Windows Live Writer and will be cross posting everything across my whole blogosphere.


So, If you’re reading this you can find me at the following places:





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You can also e-mail me anytime at: rainydayramblings@att.net