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When Will the Underwhelm Overcome the Overwhelm?

I wish that I could be underwhelmed.  I have been bored.  I have been disinterested.  But at my darkest moments I am still overwhelmed.  I become overwhelmed with dark, with black, with sad, with impenetrable fog.  But no underwhelm.

When I am not depressed I am “Blah.”  This is my answer almost every time my psychiatrist asks.  I need therapy.  I need a professional to talk to, to explain to, who might have, if not an answer, some suggestions at  least.  But alas, there is no money to pay the bills, so there definitely is no money to pay a therapist.  This morning while doing the budget I was seriously considering not paying for the psychiatrist and the pills that don’t really seem to be helping. Continue reading When Will the Underwhelm Overcome the Overwhelm?

New Kid On The Block

Good afternoon readers!  I have started this blog to document my experiences with mental illness.  Specifically Bipolar Mood Disorder (Manic Depression), Depression, Anxiety, Personality Disorders, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.   I am a member of : Hope Works Community On Yahoo! Pages and  Beyond Madness Webring Please check out my other blogs on Blogger and LiveJournal