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It’s been almost a year since my last post here.  It feels like incredibly too long.  However, while I am a bit disappointed in myself for not keeping up with something that was very important to me not so long ago, I am okay with letting this blog fall into decline.  The reason?  I’ve been okay.  Except I am starting to realize that I really haven’t.  Sure, I haven’t been obviously episodic, but I’ve become a hermit.  That’s not exactly true, of course, but close enough.  I don’t really have any meaningful interaction with real people except my husband and daughter.  I’ve taken to referring to myself as a shut-in, but that isn’t entirely accurate either.  I still leave the house.  I still run errands and chat up the grocery store clerk.  I go to counseling (almost) every week.  That’s really it, though.

I’m happy.  And that makes me feel incredibly pathetic.  I’m happy because I am hiding from the world.  My “human” interaction consists of debating with people on the internet.  My life has been reduced to what forum topics are happening that day and whether or not it’s something I can discuss with my husband.  I do have to say that I am better informed now than probably any point in my life about what’s going on in the world, specifically regarding America’s political climate.

About a year ago I decided I wanted to have another child after over 8 years of insisting that the one kid was quite enough, thank you.  But I had this yearning. Continue reading Time