More Medical Woes

My pdoc wants me to see a medical doctor because my blood work shows that I am borderline diabetic, have borderline high cholesterol, and my blood pressure was also slightly elevated at my appointment.  My health has been in the same state for about 6 years, although now I am apparently anemic as well – which could have something to do with my sleeping so much.

So he referred me to a “low-cost” clinic in the area since my Medi-cal shar of cost is $1300/ month.  So I contacted the clinic today to find out about their sliding fee scale program and as it turns out since I have the share-of-cost I don’t qualify for their discount program and would have to pay full price which is in the neighborhood of $300 a visit depending on what needs done.  The person told me my best bet would be to CANCEL my medi-cal so that I qualify for the discount program.  Which is all fine and great unless I have to be hospitalized or go to the ER for something.  Then not so good.  I am more worried about that several THOUSAND dollar bill that I might get some day, than I am about going to this clinic.  Ugh.

Hate. The. Healthcare. System!


~ by falloutmommy on April 19, 2011.

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