Since my last update I have started seeing a psychiatrist.  In February he put me on Tegretol and I couldn’t wake up and was sick to my stomach  so I stopped it.  At my last appt (March 28) he started me on Lithium and so far so good.  I haven’t really seen any side effects except I’m still sleeping a minimum of 12 hrs a day.  Also am back on my abilify and hopefully will be back on Cymbalta in the next few weeks if the drug company will let me on their patient assistance program.

I started on a depressive spiral the middle of March and it was progressively getting worse, but with starting on the lithium 10 days or so ago, I am starting to feel better.  Can definitely tell that it is working so far.

Aside from all that I got my Medicare card in the mail the other day and am now extremely frustrated with what plan to choose.  Allsup (the company I went through for my disability) has a Medicare Advisor where they research the best options based on your needs and whatnot, but it’s $200 and that’s the DISCOUNTED rate because I am a previous consumer.  Have to see what David says.  I think that it might be worth it just to not have to deal with it, of course he will probably say that I have all this free time and I should just research it myself – coz I’m good at research, but for whatever reason this Medicare deal has my mind frazzled!


~ by falloutmommy on April 18, 2011.

One Response to “Lithium”

  1. Be careful to not take too much of it and be aware of the possible side effects. I was allergic and Lithium shut down my kidneys. But, they said that is pretty rare so I know you will be fine. I am sorry to hear you are spiraling. I understand.

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