Lamictal is the DEVIL

I’ve decided that me and this medicine just aren’t supposed to be acquainted.  It’s working for me, but apparently I’m not working for it.  I haven’t written anything in here for months.  But not because nothing has been going on… quite the opposite… too much has been going on and I think it’s finally all catching up with me.

We moved. FAR.  From Florida to California.  I’ll catch up on all that later.

What I’d like to write about now is how I’m not working for my Lamictal.  First it was short in June and I didn’t realize it until AUgust and it was too late.  Then it was short in AUgust but was able to be fixed.  Then the patient assistance program I went through with my pdoc’s office never got in so I never got the free meds before we moved.  And now.  Now, I have no insurance, I’m living at my Mom’s, David JUST got a job after being out for almost 4 months, I don’t have a pdoc.   And it’s not even that I don’t have a pdoc I like… it is literally I don’t have a pdoc.  And I have less than three weeks worth of Lamictal left.  And if I am going to move out of my mom’s anytime in the next year I can’t afford to just PAY for it.  I don’t have the money.  So that means that I go off it.  I made a ton of phone calls today, have an appt set up to get a pdoc through the county health dept (joy), I have paperwork filled out to get some assistance with medical costs.  It’s not insurance but basically a copay for any services I get through the county… paying $25 for a dr instead of $100.

So. That’s it.  These things are good, and I need them, but the most pressing need right now is where I am going to get my Lamictal.  I’m going into a depressive episode and I am going to have to do it without a mood stabilizer.  off the soapbox now.

tyvm for reading.



~ by falloutmommy on December 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “Lamictal is the DEVIL”

  1. Oh Jess, I wish I would have seen this then, I had tons of it left over… dang it…

  2. I feel your pain and hope you get out of it soon and things look better. When you are in a better day I would like to hear about your move.

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