Pick Me. Choose Me. Love Me

About a month ago during the peak of my manic episode I decided I was going to have THE greatest blog EVER.  Everyone was going to want to read it to learn about living with bipolar disorder.  Everyone was going to think that my life was so interesting.  While I thought these things, I knew deep down that they weren’t true and it was the mania.  On average I have between 1 and 4 page views per day.  On a day when I actually post something I have gotten up to like 11 views.  Yesterday I had 20.  TWENTY! I feel like ms. popular.  All because 20 people looked at my short update about starting therapy.  So thanks guys~ You made me evening today.  And today has been pretty crap.


~ by falloutmommy on May 26, 2010.

One Response to “Pick Me. Choose Me. Love Me”

  1. Ah, the aspiration of the blogger. We all get that every now and again. is it mania? Maybe. Or maybe just the hope that people will read, relate and learn. I’d say if you touch the lives of 4 people on any one given day, that’s more than most people ever do. The fact that you have the courage to put yourself out there and share your story is amazing, in and of itself! Keep up the great work!

    🙂 Celia

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