Weight Watchers

I decided last night that I was going to join weight watchers again.  I did it last year for a month or so (before I was hospitalized) and lost 10 or 12 lbs.  I also managed to keep that weight off for a few months even not following the plan.  Of course, for those few months I was on adderall and I hardly ever ate… but that’s besides the point.

I am presently 2 lbs lighter than I was a year ago at this time, and this is in spite of several medications that generally cause weight gain, so I am doing ok with not gaining.  But a year ago my life went on pause.  The most important thing was getting stable.  Or at least somewhere that resembles stable.  I don’t feel that I am there yet, but I haven’t reached it within the past year, so I’ve realized that maybe it’s time to retrace some of those steps I was taking before the pause button was pressed.  So, I’m starting weight watchers again.

As of today I am 5’6″ and I weigh 269lbs.  I wear size 24 pants.  Seven years ago when I got pregnant with Angelina I weighed 160lbs.  I gained 45 lbs while I was pregnant with her, and then was down to 175 when she was 2 or 3 months old.  And then I quit breastfeeding her and I shot back up to 190-195.  And then I have fairly steadily gained since then.  David and I did South Beach Diet, he lost 15 lbs — I lost 5 before I decided I just couldn’t do it.  There were too many restrictions.  I gained back the 5 lbs – plus 10.  In May 2006 I weighed 225 lbs and my doctor put me on a calorie counting diet.  No restrictions on what food I ate…but I could only have 1700 calories a day (based on my weight/caloric intake at the time)  I did pretty great with this – I lost about 10 lbs, but then I got lazy and would forget to write stuff down and would end up consuming more calories than I accounted for and so stopped losing weight and started gaining again and just quit counting altogether.  From May 2006 to January 2009 I gained 47 lbs.  One year ago I weight 272lbs, and my doctor said “You’re cholesterol and blood pressure are borderline high.  You should try to lose some weight, you’ll feel better.” And he suggested weight watchers.

In the past year of not working I have managed to maintain the same weight, which is quite a feat considering in the past 7 years I have gained over 100lbs.  Half of those in 2 years time.  I want to be back in control of my weight.  I want to be in control of what I eat and make better choices.  I LOVE good food – veggies, fruits, chicken, etc.  I even have had the family down to drinking 1% milk for about the past year.  It took a while… David prefers whole milk and when Ang was little she needed whole milk to it made sense to only buy one kind… but then there wasn’t a reason to continue drinking it. So we went to 2%… and then I started alternating buying 2% with 1% and here we are…  We also had been drinking a lot more water, but lately I have been buying more soda which I will be reducing here shortly as well – or at least buying diet.  Any way, just wanted to share with everyone.  Wish me luck!


~ by falloutmommy on January 28, 2010.

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