Ahhh, Christmas Time! I hope you die. The 2000’s

The 2000’s

Christmas 2000 – 16 years old: I ended up staying with mom.  I was in school, I had a job, I had 3 failed semi-relationships in the year that I lived in FL, and was currently in a super secret relationship with a GIRL!  Well, super secret from her mom at least… everyone else knew.  So, Christmas… She was at my house spending the night (as we did most weekends) and she gets a call from her mom that her uncle is coming to get her.  So of course she is quite interested in why her uncle is coming to get her, and why anyone is coming to get her at all considering she had only been at my house a couple hours.  Well, apparently her mom is a snoop.  And her mom found a note that I had written her that she had hidden in the bedpost of her daybed.  So, her mom expressly forbid her to stay at my house, or for us to walk out of work together, or to see us together, or basically anything that had to do with her mom seeing me for any reason.  Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas 2001 – 17 years old: Mom decides to stop outwardly celebrating Christmas..no tree, no decorations.. whatever… doesn’t really matter much to me anyways.  This was David and I’s first Christmas.  We had been dating 6 weeks.  I think I might have gone over to his parents for Christmas dinner, but I’m not really sure.  Regardless, his older sister was down from school.  First time I had met her (obviously since she didn’t live here)  Didn’t seem to go well, but then again none of David’s family had warmed up to me at all, except maybe his brother who didn’t really care. (Thanks Stephen!!!) Or maybe his dad who had come up to me shortly after we started dating and put his arm around my shoulders and said “So you’re the reason why my son is never home”  – Like I said his family hadn’t really warmed up to me, so we spent most of our time at my house or out doing something. So, the memorable part? His sister went home.  It had become apparent that his family didn’t know me, so I was invited to dinner one evening.  His dad wasn’t there so it was he and I, his then 14 yr old brother, his 10 yr old sister, and his mom.  So, we’re eating and out of nowhere his little sister says to me “I don’t like you. And mom and Jenn don’t like you either”  to which his mom replied “Lisa!” and to me “It’s not that we don’t like you it’s just that we don’t know you.”  So, that was then, this is now.  We got to know each other. Especially when 3 months later He and I moved in together after 4 1/2 months of dating and 2 months after we both turned 18.  SURPRISE!!!

Christmas 2002 – 18 years old: David and I are engaged.  We got engaged on our one year anniversary the middle of November. I talked to my dad for the first time in 3 years to tell him that I was getting married.  What does this have to do with Christmas?  I think I’m pregnant.  It’s eating at me, I was a mess.  worst.timing.EVAR.  HPT +  2 days before Christmas.  Yeah…we’re not gonna tell them..it’s Christmas.  We’ll wait a couple weeks.  So, middle of January, the day before David’s 19th bday, I start getting sharp pains in my belly that shoot down my leg and in my back and I’m freaking out.  So I make him come get me from work and take me to the ER.  We were there forever.  Partly because I ate a package of Peanut m&m’s in the waiting room.  When we told them that I might be preggers, the dr ordered a vaginal ultrasound….well.. they couldn’t do it for 4 hours after I had last eaten. Damn those M&M’s.  They did blood work… turns out that the couple of weeks pregnant I though I might be was actually about 9 weeks. And it was for sure.  No questions about it. I was pregnant. Me, pregnant (omg i’m going to Hell)  So, of course freaking out.  They said I had a UTI (woohoo)  but wanted the U/S still to make sure that the baby was ok.  So, around 2am finally got the u/s.  That made it real for me.  She was 4cm long looked like a little baby lizard minus the tail and had this little dark pulsing dot in her center. Her beating heart.  There was a live person growing inside of me. You are now entering the Twilight Zone?  Surprise!!!

Christmas 2005 – 21 years old: Had been back in touch with Dad since 2003, there’s a whole long story between then and now..but this is the Christmas story, so… He and Deb (FINALLY) got divorced earlier this year.  He had to have surgery on his abdomen the beginning on December so we made last minute plans to drive to KS to spend a week or so with him while he was recuperating, and what makes this Christmas hit the memorable radar?  It was the first time I had been to KS since I had left 6 years before (and the only time that I have been back in the 10 years that I have lived in FL.)  The other thing that made this Christmas memorable is that while we were away some rats moved into our house and took over.  And I mean this literally.  And they multiply quite quickly.  Angelina got bitten on New Year’s Eve. We had all gotten sick in KS and were like 3-4 days into antibiotics. Just in case though we called David’s mom who is an RN and has been since before David was born. She said basically the dr. would look at it and clean it and put her on an antibiotic.  So, rather than rush our 2 yr old to the ER in the middle of the night (coz it’s NYE, the dr’s offices are closed and it was a Saturday night at that) we took her in on Monday morning first thing when the quick care clinic opened again.  Dr. looked at it, made sure it was clean (it was) told us to make sure she finishes her antibiotic that she was already on, put some anti-bac ointment on it and keep it covered.  That was Monday.  Monday night, Angelina moved in with Grandmom and Poppop.  Mommy and Daddy hit up wal-mart for traps and poison and all the aggressive ways to get rodents out of the house.  Thursday night while I am at work, the Dept of Children and Families shows up with a Sheriff’s Deputy.  It all turned into a huge mess.  Ang wasn’t allowed to come home for a month, even tho within a week we had killed off all the stupid pests.  In the middle of all this we discovered that we also had termites.  So, the exterminator came to do the termite treatment (luckily it wasn’t the kind that u have to have the tent for…although that would have gotten rid of just about anything living in the house, I think.) DCF wanted an exterminator to come and inspect the house anyways to make sure the rats were gone.  The guy said that basically all they can do is look for droppings… if there are no droppings, there are no rodents.  House had just gotten rid of rats, termites and was thoroughly cleaned so we were good.  The inspector came from DCF and said that there were crumbs in the toaster which was a fire hazard, there were a couple of other nitpicky things, but basically said they would come back in a week to check again and that we needed to fix that stuff before then.  long story short… she came home after 4 weeks.  Then we had home supervision for a few months, a few court dates, and finally 6 months later were cleared and given our lives back.

Christmas 2007 – 23 years old: I’m going to keep this one short.  Read any of my blogs from 2007 and you will learn anything you need to know about Christmas 2007.  This is the only Christmas (so far) that I have personally screwed up.  And mostly it was the week between Christmas and New Year’s that was the problem, ending up with me telling David on NYE that I wanted to move out.  Again, blogs all about this circa early 2008.

Christmas 2009 – 25 years old: Oh Christmas! Again, Christmas kinda isn’t that great this year because we have no money.  Ang will be getting a ton of stuff, i’m sure.  Just not from us. Which makes me sad.  See, I had a mental breakdown in February and ended up in a psych hospital for a week.  Abandoned my job because I just couldn’t deal.  Am waiting for social security disability to be approved. (They should read my blog… it tells all about how screwed up I am) And while nothing “traumatic” has happened yet, I feel deflated.  I have been having a mild depressive episode since the beginning of December, and it has gotten progressively worse as the month goes on.  The meltdown commenced with “The Blog That Got Eaten”  (See: Die, Live Writer, Die! or Dammit!)  and has waxed and waned since then.  It is now 6:34 am on December 24.  I JUST realized the reason why I am still awake and have been writing all night is because I forgot to take my meds at 10pm last night.  What a way to start the actual holidays of being with lots of wrapping paper and in-law’s (Although I ❤ them now) and FOOD. Oh, yeah…the food is good medicine.  Now if I could just sleep for a bit.

Merry Christmas!!!!!! (And I mean this for real, not sarcastically)

Now you know why Christmas is not such a great holiday for me.


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