Online Blogs Are Lame.

I am kind of upset right now.  I took all this time to make my own font.  This is my handwriting.  But then when I go on WordPress, Blogger, LJ… They don’t give you the OPTION to change your font.  Or if it does (blogger) the fonts are the boring Times New Roman, Arial, etc. That have zero personality and quite honestly sometimes make me crazy.  I like to customize.  I feel more comfortable writing how I want to.  What’s the point in spilling my guts to the general public if I can’t at least let it LOOK like me when the guts are spilled (lol)  Anyways, I’m ranting.  Has nothing to do with this blog (unless you count me getting all upset over something stupid like the fact that I can’t pick my OWN font)

Anyways, if anyone is interested in doing this as well the website is: there isn’t a fancy program that you have d/l, or programs to run.  You simply print out a sheet, fill in the blanks with your own handwriting, scan the image, upload it to the site, name it, sample it by typing stuff in to see if the letters look ok together… if so then u D/L the font to ur computer into your fonts folder and you’re good to go 😀

I really hope that since I’m using Live Writer and my custom font shows up on here that when I post it will be the same.. most likely not tho 😦

Happy something-or-other.

Edit:  It actually posted with this font!! Awesome, something happened that I wanted it to.  Okay blog, I want $15,000.  Yeah, that should do it.  I accept cash, check, paypal, money order.. I’m not picky.. just give me monies, plz?

P.S.  It tells you to write the letters in a sharpie.. if you do it comes out looking like this BOLD, so I would suggest (unless of course you want bold font) that you actually use a thick tipped pen (like a felt pen) or a thin sharpie.Once you’ve made the font it allows you to resize it use italics and underlines and I think bold..but I can’t really tell coz my writing is already bolded.


~ by falloutmommy on December 17, 2009.

5 Responses to “Online Blogs Are Lame.”

  1. I’m glad you got what you wanted.Let me know if you get the money.If you do I’ll have to try that trick myself.What’s so lame?? I enjoyed your blog….Oh yes your writing didn’t come through on this end but I still enjoyed the story…

    • Thanks, I finally figured out that if my readers don’t have the custom font on their computer then they can’t see it. Should have thought of that first! I will definitely post a big CAPITAL LETTER blog if I get the money. It’s not looking good so far though 😦

  2. yeah, i don’t see it, but it sounds like a cool idea. i have crap for handwriting & my printer/copier/scanner has finally died a slow, painful death, but i did share the link on my facebook & it was well received.

    • After I posted this my mom kindly informed me that on her end it didn’t showup. What I realized is this: Just like any font… for it to work both the sending and receiving PC’s (or Macs) must have the font in their system in order for it to work. Oh well. It looks cool on my end 😀

  3. I hate to bust your bubble… 😦 But it may be your writing on your side…on this side it comes out the same old computer generated print.

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