Meds Schmeds

So, had an appt with Dr. C last Thursday.  Got hit with a whammy.  Apparently, the insurance NOW decides that I have to pay $60 a visit when for the past 5 months I have been paying $20.  so not only was I supposed to come up with $60 when I was expecting to pay $20, but I also have a back balance of $150. WTF?  So, I freaked out, started crying, and basically said that I guess I need to cancel my appt and find a new dr (not at all maliciously because I LOVE my pdoc) which made me feel even worse, because I NEEDED my meds.  This was my month to get new scripts on everything.

So, they agreed to let me pay less and put the difference on the past due balance.  So, I explained to Dr. C that I was going to have to switch dr’s.  We talked about my symptoms, etc, and she was concerned that I’m still depressed.  So, even though I have to find a new dr, she is discontinuing my zoloft and starting me on wellbutrin sr.  We also discussed changing my seroquel to abilify, except that abilify is MORE expensive and she didn’t want to add that burden as she is fairly aware of my money troubles.

So, I am on day 6 of zoloft discontinuation.  I feel like poo.  The first 2 days I just felt “off”.  But the past couple of days I have been feeling physically ill.  The problem with this is I don’t know if I’m actually sick, or if it’s just the zoloft slowly going out of my system.

So, anyways, have to find a new pdoc.  Looked on the insurance website and found a few of the dr’s at New Horizons (local mental hospital/ outpatient counseling place) so I gave them a call.  Of course this was 4pm on Friday.  Was transferred to outpatient and the phone rang and rang and rang and RANG.  For 8 minutes before I finally hung up.  So Monday I decided to call again.  This time after 3 rings I get a voicemail.  So I leave a message.  Please call me back, I need a new dr ASAP.  It’s Wednesday, still haven’t had a single call from them.

I am getting fed up with the health/insurance system.  They throw all this information at you “try our product, it’s so much better than everyone elses”  or “Come get treatment here, we’ll treat you better”  but they hardly ever deliver.  I am so tired of it all.


~ by falloutmommy on October 14, 2009.

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