It’s been a day.

We’ll keep it at a day.  Am in California visiting my mom.  Am SO tired…SO tired.  Flight left at 6:20AM EST Friday, we went to bed around 9pm thursday, David fell right asleep but I tossed and turned for 2 hours..finally got up and went on the computer for a bit.  Angelina got up and joined me about 12 or so.  At 1:30am I’m like..we have to get up at 3am…we need to sleep.  So we laid on the couch and I dozed for about 45 minutes I guess… Ang got up and was in the chair then just..up.   Got up, got David up to shower and whatnot. Got dressed and ready to go.  We left the house about 3:45am.  Went to McD’s and got coffee..that is a whole other story.  Got to the airport about 5-5:15 got the bags checked and said our good-byes.  Angelina and I made our way through security and out to the gates.  Angelina was complaining about wanting a snack as we walked by all the gift shops, so we stopped at the burger king in the terminal and had breakfast.  Finished breakfast and got to the gate shortly after they started boarding.   I forgot how tiny airplanes are…and airplane seats. When our tickets were booked I went online and did our seat assignments… I chose seats in the very back so that Ang could get up without being in the way..and also right next to the bathroom… And also go her window seats…which puts me in the middle….BAD idea.  So the first flight I am squished in this tiny seat next to this guy who is average size-ish, with Angelina on the other side.  Not such a huge space deal coz I just kept the arm up between ang and I, but I had no where to support myself then.  And of course Angelina was restless as I’d assumed she would be.  She actually wasn’t too bad… wouldn’t let me sleep at all.. everytime I would start to doze off she would bump me or talk to me or…something.  Got to Houston 30 mins ahead of schedule..which was good as far as being able to get off the plane…but also meant that our hour and fifteen minute layover just became an hour and forty-five minutes.  And wonder of wonders the gate we got off at and the gate we got on the next plane for were directly across from each other so it took us approximately 2 mins to get to our gate.  I was more kinda freaked out about Angelina in the airport…she was restless…she didn’t want to sit still, she wanted to explore and go through the shops and walk around… meanwhile I am exhausted…carrying a heavy bag..and trying to keep track of her.

They started boarding for our flight at 8:30 which was 45 mins before we were supposed to take off.. so that was ok… were one of the first ones on the plane…at least that way I could just sit down and she couldn’t go anywhere.  I thought that we had our row of seats to ourself, but alas we did not.  I managed to convince ang to sit in the middle as she had already seen out the window on the first flight..and could still look over me if she wanted.  So that was a bit more comfortable for me.  We got into the air, pilot said they were altering their altitude because there was turbulence… So Ang and I colored a bit… I told her I was going to take a nap…put some music on and tried to go to sleep.  She was being cranky..I told her she could lay on me if she wanted to..but I was taking a nap…she passed out as soon as she got covered up and comfortable.  So we slept..I guess it was maybe an hour.  Woke up to some cereal and a banana.  Ang woke up a few mins after me but said she wasn’t hungry.  So I ended up eating the cereal and banana for both of us, this of course is after we had BK for b-fast in WPB, then had a muffin on the 1st flight…a chocolate bar at the airport in Houston..and now breakfast again.  Anyway… so the flight seemed to take FOREVER.  In reality it was like 3 hours.

We got to LA about 10:30 and off the plane…Mom called as we were walking off the jetway to tell us that they weren’t there yet and were stuck in traffic.  So Ang and I found our way to baggage claim and got our suitcases and went and waited outside. They got there about 11 or just after… we got loaded up and out of the airport.  Bobbi had to go to the bathroom so we stopped at a gas station just outside of LAX, then decided to grab lunch at Denny’s that was right across the street.  Ate lunch…was probably about 12:30 when we left… Got on the freeway and were going an average of 6 mph…yes SIX.  So we did that for a while…finally Bobbi was like..there is no end in site I’m getting off her (On Sunset Blvd) and taking the Pacific Coast Highway.  So we did that… When we turned on to Sunset we went over the freeway..and it was just bumper to bumper cars as far as you could see

Traffic Jam on the 405

So yeah, the freeway is as bad as they make it seem in the movies.  And this was at 2pm, I can only imagine it later in the day.  So we got off and took the scenic route by the ocean.  Was very interesting..lots of hills and houses and snippets of beach and ocean.


~ by falloutmommy on June 25, 2009.

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