21 Comics That Capture The Frustrations Of Depression

21 Comics That Capture The Frustrations Of Depression.

Must Read.

A lot of these hit the nail on the freaking head perfectly. The only one that kind of made me a little angry was #2. Here’s why… My daughter has type 1 diabetes and relies on external insulin to remain alive. You’d think for people it would be pretty simple to understand that not taking insulin = very sick and possibly dead. But there are still all these people out there (and advertisements) who say “You don’t need insulin.. just go for a run and eat some vegetables.” “Here have some cinnamon”. There’s ignorance regarding just about every illness out there whether there is physical, quantifiable evidence of it or not. Someone out there is always going to say “Pull yourself up by your boot straps… you don’t need to do/take/use that to get better.”

And after having lived with bipolar disorder for the past several years and now being the parent of a kid with type 1 diabetes… they are very similar. Obviously, they are diagnosed and treated way differently..but they are both lots of highs and lows, reaching for the ever elusive middle that is so fleeting and often seems impossible to attain. Meanwhile, everyone else seems to have some opinion, some judgment about why you can’t get and stay in “the middle”, something you’re doing wrong, like you’re just experiencing these roller coaster highs and lows for pity, or attention, or whatever.

Some of us just have more stuff to wade through. And #18 is pretty spot on in this regard. If you don’t have to wade through all this hard stuff then please reserve your judgment. It just makes it harder to ask for help when we finally build up the strength to ask. NO one asked to have a chronic illness (whether mental or physical), no one is at fault here. Certainly not the person living with it. It’s great to offer support, but think about what you’re saying before you say it. A little empathy goes a long way.



I just Googled ‘RainyDayRamblings’ and as it turns out someone registered rainydayramblings.com, and it isn’t me!  I knew I should have registered that domain when I started this blog, but alas it is too late now.  What is even more of a bummer is that the site is a blog and the blog has and astronomically greater number of followers and more hits than I do here.  I doubt it’s because of the domain name though.  It just makes me sad that someone took my blog title and made it more successful than I have.  My first blog was called Rainy Day Ramblings and it was started in 2007 over on Blogger.  If you haven’t been over there it is pretty interesting stuff that I wrote prior to my bipolar diagnosis the beginning of 2009.  The URL is rainydayrants.blogspot.com


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